After my recent blog about Penn State, I think I need to clear up what my position actually is.

The people who were directly or indirectly involved need to be indicted for criminal activity, including those in the non-athletic part of the administration who had an oversight responsibility and were criminally  negligent because they considered the football program sacrosanct.

I believe the University needs to be punished both for what it allowed to happen, and as a warning to other schools in the same position.

What I also believe, however, is that the NCAA solution was not well thought out or crafted. It allows innocent students to be injured and the entire town of College Park, PA, many of whom are financially dependent upon the football program for their livelihood to be crushed under the weight of their sanctions. In effect they are saying they are willing to accept any amount of collateral damage, no matter who gets hurt, just to punish the few who were really involved.

Indict the criminals, punish the University, discredit the actions of those who through knowledge or willful neglect allowed these events to occur, but do not create more innocent "victims" than are absolutely necessary. That is what the NCAA failed to do, and that is my argument against their sanctions.